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EMMEEducational Multimedia and Multimedia Education (workshop)
EMMEEastern Mediterranean and Middle East (region)
EMMEEthernet Management Module with Ethernet
EMMEEthoxy Methylene Malonic Ester (chemistry)
EMMEEquilibre Multimodal Multimodal Equilibrium (transportation planning software; Inro Consultants, Inc.; Canada)
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News , Rodriguez was unable to attend the 10th birthday party of Max and Emme at Sugar Factory last week.
We're delighted to share the full line-up with new additions Out Lines, Heir Of The Curse, and Emme Woods.
Emme, of Longsight, Manchester, died a day later in May.
We get a lot of support from family and friends and it's a tremendous help day-to-day," Emme's father, Chris Theisen, said, "but the understanding from someone who truly understands what is happening when we say Emme is in the hospital undergoing this or that treatment is invaluable for us.
They will be honoring veteran TV personality Emme Tomimbang for her impact on Hawai'i and its Filipino community.
Max and Emme were] speeding around the green room area and causing a ruckus, almost running over people and running into things," a source told New York Post.
J-Lo and boyfriend Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez enjoys a paddle in Brazil with daughter Emme
Since joining the Bank in May 2012 with an experienced front team, Daniel Savary has acted as Deputy Head EMME markets.
Savary will replace Edmond Carton, who will remain at the bank, overseeing special projects in the EMME region.
Right brother and sister Elliot and Emme Dryden whose dad Peter wrote the track
WEST BOYLSTON - Katherine Ryan and Emme Louise Lavoie, infant twin daughters of Christine M.