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EMMIEmission Microscopy
EMMIESO Multi-Mode Instrument
EMMIEnvironmental Monitoring Methods Index (EPA)
EMMIExpectation Management and Medical Information (software; education tool)
EMMIElectronic Man/Machine Interface
EMMIEnhanced Multi-Media Interface
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Emmi wants to strengthen its position in the international goat's and sheep's milk product market.
Crucially, Emmi has held on to the Onken name, confounding expectations that it might use Onken to catapult its own brand into the UK mainstream by rebounding the portfolio or, at the very least, introducing some co-branding on to packs.
In this connection Lucerne-based Emmi is immediately taking over Lusso's central distribution center in Ostermundigen, near Bern.
Emmi wants to expand further as one of Europe's leading suppliers of premium dairy products and is focusing on the key markets of Italy, the USA, Benelux, Germany and the UK to achieve this.
Capitalising on demand for healthy products made from quality ingredients, the Emmi Swiss range is a premium dairy offering made from Swiss Alpine milk.
Caffe Latte is the first Emmi Roth USA item to transition to the new brand design.
Created by Emmi Solutions, a Chicago-based healthcare communications company, Emmi programs are designed to enhance communication between healthcare providers and their patients, ensuring a better healthcare experience.
Developed by Chicago-based Rightfield Solutions, LLC, Emmi is a proactive patient education and risk-management tool that combines clinical and legal best practices into a web-based, interactive strategy for healthcare providers and their patients.
Emmi programs are interactive, web-based multimedia presentations that present complex technical information in a simple, engaging and easy-to-understand manner.
We selected Emmi because we are committed to helping our physicians find solutions that will make a real difference in their daily practices by increasing patient satisfaction, reducing risk and ultimately saving money.
The Patient Safety Emmi will help patients become more active participants in their healthcare, and will help physicians and hospital staff keep patients safer, thus helping to reduce errors, improve patient satisfaction and reduce potential malpractice cases.
All Emmi programs are developed through a collaboration involving board-certified surgeons, clinicians and other healthcare experts within their respective fields.