EMNÉcole des Mines de Nantes (French: French School of Mines Nantes; Nantes, France)
EMNEntretien Maintenance Nettoyage (French cleaning company)
EMNElectronic Mail Notification (Open Mobile Alliance)
EMNEuropean Migration Network (est. 2003)
EMNEspace Moselle Numérique (French: Moselle Digital Space; Moselle, France)
EMNEarly Morning News
EMNÉcole de Musique du Nogentais (French music school)
EMNEquity Market Neutral (investing)
EMNÉcole des Mines de Nancy (French: Nancy School of Mines; Nancy, France)
EMNEurope Méditerranée Nautisme (French: Europe Mediterranean Yachting)
EMNÉcole Nationale de la Magistrature (French National School for the Training of Judges and Prosecutors)
EMNEuropean Motor News (UK)
EMNEnvironmental Markets Network (business environment organization)
EMNEarthLink Municipal Networks
EMNElectromagnetic Noise
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We believe that the major obstacle to the wide spread use of the EMN is its cost and the need for expensive disposable LG and EWC.
EMN is a promising technology not only in diagnosing the peripheral lung lesions and mediastinal lymph nodes, but also may provide a means for therapeutic interventions for the treatment of lung cancer.
With EMN, which leverages Manx Telecoms Smart SIM technology, when a user's signal level starts to weaken due to the limited reach of the carrier's coverage or disappears because of a natural or man-made disaster, connectivity will be automatically handed over to another mobile network that is in range.
The EMN will utilize Globalstars low-Earth orbit satellites to render a system that will enable users to communicate as normal with present smartphone devices in any condition.
Using Globalstar's Low-Earth Orbit satellite constellation, EMN is intending to be a BYOD solution that will enable users to communicate as normal with their existing devices, such as smartphones or tablets, but with ubiquitous nationwide coverage via satellite operations.
A proposta-base e que a escolha do modo de entrada das EMNs e estrategica e pondera dois tipos de pressoes institucionais potencialmente antagonicas: as pressoes externas, que levam as EMNs a procurar legitimidade no pais receptor, e as internas as proprias EMNs, que se refletem na tensao para que cada subsidiaria seja conforme as restantes da EMN.
The results were compared to normal EMN values assessed in a group of 330 healthy subjects aged 40 weeks-80 years old acquired in the previous study [6].
El proposito de este trabajo es, a partir de una revision de la literatura del proceso de transferencia inversa de tecnologia (PITT), aportar a la comprension de los SR como una clase particular de externalidades, con el fin de brindar elementos para la identificacion, medicion y efectos de estos beneficios indirectos en la localizacion de las EMN, aglomeracion de firmas y la organizacion industrial.
EMN controls place-based video media assets in US domestic airlines such as United, Continental, Delta, US Airways, Alaska, as well as international airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, and Air France executive airline lounges.