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ESIElectronically Stored Information
ESIEdge Side Includes (markup language)
ESIElectronic Supplementary Information
ESIElectrospray Ionization
ESIEssential Science Indicators (Thomson Reuters)
ESIEnvironmental Services, Inc. (Jacksonville, FL)
ESIEpidural Steroid Injection (medical)
ESIEnergy Systems, Inc. (various locations)
ESIElectrical Systems, Inc. (various locations)
ESIEpidural Steroid Injections
ESIExpress Scripts, Inc.
ESIÉcole Supérieure de l'Immobilier (French real estate school)
ESIEuropean Software Institute (Bizkaia-Spain)
ESIEarth Similarity Index
ESIÉcole de Ski Internationale (French: International Ski School)
ESIElectro Scientific Industries (Portland, OR)
ESIElectricity Supply Industry (sector)
ESIEnvironmental Sustainability Index
ESIEquipment Systems, Inc. (various locations)
ESIEducational Services, Inc. (ITT Technical Institute; Carmel, IN)
ESIEmotional-Social Intelligence
ESIEnterprise Software Initiative (US DoD)
ESIExtremely Sensitive Information
ESIEmployer-Sponsored Insurance
ESIEnvironmental Sensitivity Index
ESIEngineered Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
ESIEnhanced System Intelligence
ESIEuropean Software Institute
ESIEdge Side Includes
ESIEnd System Identifier
ESIExternal Security Interface
ESIE-Store Image
ESIEthernet Serial Interface
ESIEnterprise Software Initiative
ESIExcess Share Insurance
ESIEducation Systems, Inc. (enrollment management software developer)
ESIEnd System Identifier (ISO)
ESIEmployment Services, Inc. (various locations)
ESIEurope Sud Immobilier (French: Southern Europe Real Estate)
ESIEmbedded Systems Institute (Netherlands)
ESIEngineering Systems Inc. (national forensic engineering, failure analysis, accident investigation company)
ESIEffective School Improvement
ESIEconomics, Statistics and Informatics (educational department)
ESIEconomic Strategy Institute
ESIElectrical System Integration
ESIElectrical Supply Industry (sector)
ESIEnviroSolutions, Inc. (Virginia waste management company)
ESIEntertainment Services, Inc. (various locations)
ESIEnvironmental Solutions International
ESIElectronic Signatures and Infrastructures
ESIEmergency Services International (est. 1999)
ESIEurop Service Industrie (French industrial machinery company)
ESIEcoTopia Science Institute (Japan)
ESIEarly Supplier Involvement
ESIEducational Support and Innovation (various universities)
ESIEnergy Services Incorporated
ESIEarly Stage Investigator (US NIH)
ESIElection Science Institute (San Francisco, United States)
ESIExtended Source Index
ESIEmployee State Insurance (India)
ESIExternal System Interface(s)
ESIElectron Spectroscopic Imaging
ESIEnvironmental Sustainability Initiative (various locations)
ESIEnergy System International (France)
ESIExecutive Software International (California)
ESIEmployee Satisfaction Index
ESIEmployment Status Indicator (UK)
ESIEspecially Sensitive Information
ESIEchellette Spectrograph and Imager (Keck Observatory)
ESIEnhanced Serial Interface
ESIEvent-Semantic Interaction (graphical user interfaces)
ESIEscadron Special d'Intervention (French: Special Squadron of Intervention; Belgian counter-terrorist group)
ESIEducational Services Institute
ESIEngineers and Surveyors Institute (Chantilly, VA)
ESIEcological Site Inventory (EPA)
ESIExport Slaughter Interval (Australia)
ESIExpanded Site Investigation
ESIEthernet Service Interworking (Ciena)
ESIEletrodos Seletivos a Ions (Ion Selective Electrodes)
ESIEAD System Interface
ESIElectrical Safety Inspector
ESIEnergy Savings Insurance
ESIEnvironmentally Sensitive Index
ESIÉlégance Sportivité Italienne (French sports club)
ESIExplosives Safety Inspection
ESIEquine Studies Institute
ESIExternal Synchronization Interface
ESIEmergency Services Interface
ESIExternally Specified Index
ESIElectronic Security Industry
ESIEspresso Services Inc. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
ESIEffective Solutions Inc.
ESIExtremidad Superior Izquierda (Spanish: Left Arm)
ESIEnterprise Services Infrastructure
ESIEscuela Superior Internacional (Guatemala school)
ESIExtra Sensitive Information
ESIEnvironmental Science, Inc.
ESIEconomic Stress Index
ESIExecutive Systems, Incorporated
ESIElectronic Salesmasters Incorporated (Beachwood, OH)
ESIExternally Specified Indexing
ESIEdge Sports Inc.
ESIEuropean Simulation Internet
ESIEssential Sustainment Item
ESIEmployee Skills Inventory/Index)
ESIEngineers Supplemental Instructions
ESIElectrostatic Spark Ignition
ESIEnergy Solution Insulation, Inc. (Saginaw, Michigan)
ESIÉquipements Spécialisés d'Intervention (French: Specialized Response Equipment)
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Mulligan further projects some "5 million workers plus roughly 5 million dependents will work part-time schedules as a consequence of the ACA," there will be 19 million fewer uninsured, and the number of people with employer-sponsored insurance will fall by 13 million.
Van de Water, "Limiting the Tax Exclusion for Employer-Sponsored Insurance Can Help Pay for Health Reform," Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, June 4, 2009, http://www.
Even out here in the cold, cruel private sector, management-level employees generally get some kind of severance package and some grace on their employer-sponsored insurance.
Under the New Hampshire Health Protection Program, adults who get cost-effective insurance through their jobs will stay covered through their employer-sponsored insurance, but now the state will pay their premiums and other costs of coverage.
Instead, data from employer-sponsored insurance or Medicaid are the most likely sources of calibration data.
I'm nine-years retired, but my wife is still employed and during our careers with employer-sponsored insurance we've seen steadily increasing premiums, co-pays and deductibles.
A study released on November 20 by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) estimated that as many as 100 million working Americans will lose their employer-sponsored insurance coverage because it doesn't meet the mandates of ObamaCare.
And after reports questioned how much the proposal's financing plan would harm Americans receiving insurance from their employers, TPM reported that a new explainer was posted to the proposal, changing how much it taxes employer-sponsored insurance plans in a major way.
Kaiser and HRET estimate that in 2013, 149 million nonelderly people receive coverage through employer-sponsored insurance, with 57% of U.
More of them will find themselves without employer-sponsored insurance and therefore reliant on the ACA mandated health care exchange.
Federal rules govern the tax status of employer-sponsored insurance coverage.
In addition, while consumers often choose less generous plans in the exchange than in traditional employer-sponsored insurance, there is' considerable heterogeneity in consumer demand, as well as some evidence of adverse selection.
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