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EMUSExpressivity in Music and Speech
EMUSElectromagnetic Ultrasonic Testing
EMUSEnvironmental Management in the US (academic track; University of Guelph; Ontario, Canada)
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The air-conditioned EMUs will feature 3 480 mm wide cars, wi-fi, LED lighting, CCTV and wheelchair access and its maximum speed will be 130 km/h.
Although purchasing younger stock is cheaper (fertile eggs for around $25 and day-old chicks for around $100), emus do not reach sexual maturity until they are two years old.
Around 150 farms of emu birds are being operated across the state and they are attracting farmers with lucrative options.
However, wildlife experts say the emu, which can run as fast as 50kph, is unlikely to use the underpasses.
Minnaar and Minnaar (1992) predicted that emus in the United States would only be found in domesticated or semi-domesticated situations, and would not be feral.
Emus can grow up to six feet tall and weigh as much as 100 pounds.
Finally on Friday, the emu was reunited with its owner Ruben Navarro 12 days after it was spotted by motorists on the Antelope Valley Freeway in Acton.
The music promoter and the former soap star were voted out by the public after a bizarre emu trial to win a celebrity chest.
A clear advantage of the EMU is that it can be done now--well before sophisticated genomic and proteomic approaches become widely available--and begin to benefit patients with a wide variety of environmentally induced illnesses.
There are other petting farms in Ireland and maybe two would have the emus but it very unusual for a natural hatching to be successful.
Emus are native to Australia, and normally grow to a full size of between five and six feet tall, weighing as much as 150 pounds.
The government was cutting allocations for growing darkfire (used for snuff and cigars), labor costs were skyrocketing and it was getting harder to pay the bills," said Neil Williams, the Binford's neighbor and president of the American Emu Association.