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EELVEurope Écologie les Verts (French: European Ecology Greens)
EELVEvolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EELVEnd-Expiratory Lung Volume
EELVEuropa Ecología Los Verdes (European political party)
EELVExtended Expendable Launch Vehicle
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Vigorous breathing efforts, on the other hand, not only are costly in terms of oxygen demand and CO2 production, but also may activate the expiratory muscles sufficiently to reduce end-expiratory lung volume, and encourage collapse and tidal recruitment.
Moreover, hyperpnea activates the chest-compressing expiratory muscles, which may compromise resting end-expiratory lung volume (FRC).
The active use of the expiratory muscles (as during exercise) can produce auto-PEEP with normal or even subnormal end-expiratory lung volumes.
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