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The pathophysiology includes increased endogenous glucose production, hypo-insulinemia, insulin receptor insensitivity or resistance, catecholamine and other similar anti-insulin hormones.
Aqueous LS extract has been reported to affect glucose homeostasis by inhibiting endogenous glucose production in the liver [32], inhibiting renal glucose reabsorption through the alteration of renal glucose transporter (SLGT1) expression in the kidneys [33], increasing both glucose uptake [34] and glucose intracellular metabolism [35, 36] in the muscle and adipose tissues.
Carbohydrate ingestion can completely suppress endogenous glucose production during exercise.
However, treatment in subjects with type 2 diabetes increases both plasma glucagon and endogenous glucose production, which may be the cause behind the normoglycemia during atypical DKA.
Hypocalcaemia can also exert an additional depressive effect on endogenous glucose production, hence aggravate hypoglycaemia (Mandli et al.
Indeed, women with ICP are more susceptible to developing GDM and have significant biochemical and endocrine changes such as increased basal endogenous glucose production, decreased insulin sensitivity, and reduced GLP1 secretion from enteroendocrine L-cells that result in altered carbohydrate metabolism while they are cholestatic.
91012 Although SGLT2 inhibitor dapagliflozin use is associated with decreased insulin resistance and increased insulin mediated glucose disposal into the muscles it is also associated with substantial increase in plasma glucagon concentration leading to increased endogenous glucose production and hence decreasing the efficacy of SGLT2 inhibitors.
Furthermore, the hypoglycemic action of the ethyl acetate extract might be due to its insulinomimetic action or by other mechanism such as stimulation of glucose uptake by peripheral tissue, inhibition of endogenous glucose production or activation of gluconeogenesis in liver and muscles.
The liver is the primary site of endogenous glucose production and produces and produces glucose either from gluconeogenesis or via glycogenolysis (Roden and Bernroider 2003).
Its mechanism of action involves the suppression of endogenous glucose production, primarily by the liver.
It, however, resulted in increased endogenous glucose production during the clamp study indicating resistance to insulin action by the liver and decreased rate of glucose disposal reflecting decreased peripheral insulin sensitivity.