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5 This involves removal of vitreous, sealing of retinal breaks using endolaser and endotemponade of vitreous cavity using appropriate agent.
After clearing the peripheral vitreous, endolaser was applied to any areas that could not be adequately cleared.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Horizontal, High Pressure, High Vacuum Steam Sterilizer, Collagen Cross linking machine, 532 mm Laser with endolaser, ETO Sterilizer, Imported Operating Microscope, Optical Coherance Tomography
Such interventions may be added with use of endolaser and performing internal tamponade9,10.
Massaro BM, Gonnering RS, Harris GJ (1990) Endolaser DCR--A new approach to nasolacrimal duct obstruction.
The latest pounds 100,000 bought an endolaser for retinal surgery, which was presented to consultant opthalmic surgeon Ahmed Kamal, and a halo catheter system for the treatment of Barrett's oesophagus, presented to consultant gastro-enterologist Neil Kapoor.
This is typically performed intraoperatively using a fibre optic endolaser probe.
If the scar tissue has become so severe that it causes fibrous bands, these can be cut using an intraocular endolaser, before the bands lead to retinal detachment.
Medtronic Ophthalmics also produces the Tono-Pen(R)XL, the leading portable applanation tonometer for monitoring intraocular pressure and ENDOLaser, an endoscopic laser treatment designed to reduce the production of aqueous fluid.
Contract awarded for 190/2016 event: medical procedures oftalmologia fitness for repair: retina for an eye; more right eye vitrectomy endolaser (assisted local anesthesia)
Standard three ports pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) with membrane peeling, endolaser and without endotamponade by single study surgeon was done in all patients.