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Zheng He, the Great Chinese Explorer is a bilingual English/Chinese picturebook about the amazing true-life story of Zheng He (1371-1433), a visionary explorer of China during the Ming Dynasty.
Lot 3 - The Printing and Delivery of Irish/Chinese, English/Chinese Language teaching textbooks, accompanying CDs and Student Workbooks
Also highly recommended is Actar's bilingual English/Chinese language edition of "Mad Dinner: A Monograph on the Beijing-Based MAD Office" (9788496954212, $49.
Presented in a bi-lingual English/Chinese edition, MUSLIMS IN CHINA is a top pick for college-level collections.
Hawatmeh said that fitness equipment, consumer electronic products and beauty products are among the 10 programs now in place, and that "American born, trained and educated professionals are now working with English/Chinese trained staff in our ShenZhen office and multiple China factories.
In addition, we have expanded our Quality Control systems with the staffing and placement of American born, trained and educated professionals working with English/Chinese trained staff in our ShenZhen office and multiple China factories.
In addition to precision maps, Destinator products offer a full range of personalized navigation services such as optimal routing information, POI, English/Chinese language support, and three different visual displays.
Respondents used an English/Chinese version of the Arbitron radio diary.
jpeg photo of China Southern Airlines' new English/Chinese signage on the Champs-Elysees is available upon request to Ruffolopr@aol.
CHL Technologies' English/Chinese dictionary supports two-way translations (English-Chinese and Chinese-English) and contains more than 177,842 words with the highest volume of vocabularies compared to other dictionaries.
With the addition of online two-way English/Chinese translation tools, users have a real bilingual choice.
This bilingual English/Chinese Web site was developed by Chinese-Americans, who saw first- hand the need for cross-border trading capabilities.