ENISAEuropean Network and Information Security Agency
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He added that in the three years that ENISA has been supporting the event, there was a growth in the number of countries participating.
The selected material includes different data sources, such as the European Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe; (3) studies, technical reports, public interviews, policy papers, resolutions, and communications by the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament, the European Commission; but first and foremost ENISA.
ENISA Executive Director Udo Helbrecht pointed out: "Five years ago there were no procedures to drive cooperation during a cyber-crisis between EU member states.
This goes to show that DDoS attacks have gone from a minor annoyance carried out by bedroom hackers, to a serious security threat that ENISA feels needs to be addressed.
Enisa Kezo, the chairperson of the Young Bosnians Association that organized the protest, said, "all the world should remember this genocide and see UN's shame.
The EU's "cyber security" Agency ENISA has launched a new report on Govermental Cloud Computing.
She pointed out that Enisa had just released a report on cloud security and this was an area that the EU was continuing to monitor.
ENISA suggests that the growth in cloud use implies that provider employees are increasingly likely to be targeted by criminal gangs (ENISA, 2009).
The Executive Director of ENISA, Dr Udo Helmbrecht said, "This was a first, key step for strengthening Europe's cyber protection.
In future, assuming the regulation is approved, ENISA will "regularly assess the state of network and information security in Europe" and use that intelligence to promote the correct security response.
The CCSK provides evidence that an individual has successfully completed an examination covering the key concepts of the CSA guidance and ENISA whitepaper.
Trying to move ENISA into the field of cybersecurity shows that the Commission has fallen victim to internal EU bureaucracy.