ENSPÉcole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage (French landscaping school)
ENSPEnvironmental Science and Policy (education; various locations)
ENSPEscola Nacional de Saúde Pública (Portugese)
ENSPÉcole Nationale de la Santé Publique
ENSPEndangered and Nongame Species Program (New Jersey)
ENSPEuropean Network for Smoking Prevention
ENSPEnvironmental Studies and Planning
ENSPEnvironmental Specialist
ENSPEntreprise Nationale des Services Pétroliers (French: National Oil Services Company; Algeria)
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8) The ENSP functioned and was focused within the framework of economics, politics and security instead, as is the case with similar colleges (9) around the world, the framework of defence, security and politics; defence was taken out of the curriculum of the Defence College and replaced with human security.
C'est ce qui a motive cette etude, a mi-chemin entre la recherche academique et la recherche appliquee, menee par une equipe pluridisciplinaire issue de l'entreprise ENSP (Algerie) et du laboratoire IRSIC de l'Universite d'Aix-Marseille (France), en alliant hard technologies (technologies du forage et des trepans) aux soft technologies telles que la recherche de l'information brevet et l'apprentissage par la pratique (Jin, 2005).
The ENSP functionalities include the control, analytics and policy functions.
To determine the delay between antimicrobial use and resistance, proportions of PNSP, ENSP, and FQRE for 2002-2005 were correlated with the consumption of different antimicrobial drug classes in the same year and the 2 years before.
It does this by postulating that ENSP operates by only partially scanning the environment for need-serving information.
ENSP is also used as an independent variable in equation (2), which explains quality of programs provided.
Seven students (senior colonels and junior brigadier-generals) who completed the ENSP in 2005 have been accepted for the MPhil Programme in 2006.
The Court says the French authorities should instead check to see if the qualification the person already has is equivalent to ENSP training requirements in content and duration.
47) In this context, during the official commencement of the 7th ENSP in January 2003, Vice Admiral Martyn Trainor remarked that senior officers must be able to understand, evaluate, communicate and even influence the judgement and opinions of politicians and countless other experts, specialists, authorities and representatives of government departments.