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EWOPEuropean Workshop on Periodontology
EWOPElectronic Warfare Operator
EWOPElectronic Works of Power (music production; South Florida)
EWOPEverything is Working Out Perfectly
EWOPEnter Without Permission (misdemeanor)
EWOPEvolving Window Orthogonal Projection
EWOPExcused Without Pay
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A 42-year-old Emirati coastguard said they spotted the vessel in the oil field, which is prohibited to enter without permission.
Abdulqader Al-Odaini, a Salafi who studies and lives at the mosque, said he witnessed a group of Houthi gunmen, which he said numbered around a dozen, come to the mosque at 2 AM and enter without permission.
This means the property will be closed for three months and nobody will be allowed to enter without permission.
It had never occurred to the Moon that a stranger would soon knock on the door, or enter without permission.
It said the private aircraft pilot had incorrectly assumed that the range was not active and that he could enter without permission.
He had been banned from the house, where his sister lived with their mother, and was not allowed to enter without permission.
At the Terremark operation, for instance, four power generators hum in a separate room, ready to go should something knock out the electricity in the center; a guard gate literally traps cars between two walls if a driver tries to enter without permission.