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To recover the individual peptides of pBD-2 and cecropin P1, the fusion peptide was digested with enterokinase and pBD-2 and cecropin P1 were recovered (Figure 2D).
In order to cleave hPTH from its tag, the desalted fusion protein was digested with enterokinase enzyme (EK MAX, Invitrogen Co.
The N-terminal thioredoxin/6xhis-tag was removed by cleavage with recombinant enterokinase (Novagen, Madison, WI, USA) according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
In the duodenum the intestinal enzyme enterokinase secreted by the mucosal cells cleaves off a small six amino acid terminal from trypsinogen, converting the precursor into the active enzyme.
However, the enterokinase cleavage site is only partially a ccessible to the enzyme.