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EKPEuroopan Keskuspankki (Finnish: European Central Bank)
EKPEnterprise Knowledge Platform
EKPEnterprise Knowledge Portal
EKPElse Kooi Prijs
EKPErwin Karl & Partners, Industrial Marketing Research
EKPEltern Kind Programm eV
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Enterprise Knowledge Portals begins with a brief introduction to knowledge management.
This Enterprise Knowledge Portal will combine the document control and analysis capabilities of PCDoc's document and knowledge management systems with the structured data analysis of Hummingbird's Business Intelligence suite into a new category of data and document mining applications,' it claims.
It is not to develop an enterprise knowledge portal to provide comprehensive support for knowledge processing and KM.
When a portal product provides appreciable support for KLC and KM processes, and especially when it supports the critical KCE process, it is proper to call that portal an enterprise knowledge portal (EKP).
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