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The sources of the entity-relationship model incorporated in the FRBR report are given early in the document.
In the following we first present the gist of the Entity-Relationship model as our basis for schema design following [18].
Conceptual database design: an Entity-relationship approach.
Questions of file design, record construct, and entity-relationship definition were critical to the advancement of the catalog as a tool of the modern age.
Codd also objects to the entity-relationship model on the grounds that it does not allow associations to have properties.
As an example of a solution, the next section investigates a method to organize and model geographic objects using the analysis of entity-relationship and the relational database models.
The entity-relationship diagrams have been converted to today's standard practice format that is compatible with MS Visio, among other software tools.
Employing an entity-relationship (E-R) approach, students use the REA model to capture and store complex events in a robust model that will serve as a blueprint for a relational database.
Database design using entity-relationship diagrams, 2d ed.
The presentation will highlight the best practices for architecting XML Schemas that have their roots in proven object-oriented analysis, entity-relationship, and database design principles.
The popular Entity-Relationship Modeler has seen improvements in creating, understanding and sharing ER models.
entity-relationship diagrams, data flow diagrams, decomposition diagrams, activity-dependency diagrams, fact-finding techniques).