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EIREnvironmental Impact Report
EIREnvironmental Information Regulations
EIRExecutive Intelligence Review (magazine)
EIREquipment Identity Register (Inet)
EIREnvironmental Impact Review
EIRExcess Information Rate (frame relay)
EIREffective Interest Rate
EIREstablishment Inspection Report (US FDA)
EIREquipment Interchange Receipt
EIREntomological Inoculation Rate
EIRExternal Independent Review (US Department of Energy)
EIREquipment Improvement Recommendation
EIRExtended Information Rate (data communications)
EIREquipment Improvement Report
EIREndangerment Information Report
EIRElectronic Information Resource
EIRExtended Inquiry Response (Bluetooth)
EIRExternal Interrupt Request
EIREstablished Income Range
EIREnforcement Investigation Report
EIREktachrome Infrared Film (Kodak)
EIREnergy Input Ratio
EIRExposure Information Report
EIREquipment Information Register (GSM)
EIRExercise-Induced Rhinitis
EIREidgenossisches Institut fur Reaktorforschung (Switzerland)
EIREngineering Information Report
EIRElement Integration Review
EIREmployee Information Record (Sprint)
EIREngineering Information Request
EIREnergy Information Strategies for Regulated Markets
EIRElectrostatic Image Reproducer
EIREmergent Installation Report
EIREnergy Impulse Response
EIREngineering Investigative Report
EIRExternal Information Requirement
EIRExternal Intelligence Requirement
EIRElectronic Inventory Record
EIREngineering Information Release (development standards)
EIREthics Issues Report (EU)
EIREuronext Interest Rate (futures)
EIREntered Into Rest (headstone abbreviation)
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We are very thrilled to launch our first Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program here in India," said Prashant Choudhary - co-founder and CTO.
Payne, an angel investor and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.
Lightspeed's resources are supplemented by active entrepreneur-in-residence and venture partner programs, which contribute additional operational capabilities and domain-specific expertise to the partnership.
Kusserow is also executive-in-residence at the Advisory Board Company, a publicly traded (ABCO) healthcare research and publishing firm; and entrepreneur-in-residence at DW Healthcare Partners, a venture capital firm focused on healthcare services and technology investments.
DCM-Doll Capital Management, a top-performing early-stage technology venture capital firm, today announced it has added Jonathan Fram to its Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) program.
El Dorado Ventures, a leading venture capital firm that specializes in early-stage technology investing, today named Paul McNamara an entrepreneur-in-residence with the firm.
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