EPALEnterprise Privacy Authorization Language
EPALEuropean Pallet Association
EPALEnterprise Privacy Authorization Language (IBM)
EPALÉchanger pour Apprendre en Ligne (French: Online Learning Exchange)
EPALElevated Privileges Application Launcher (Microsoft)
EPALEnhanced Pressure Acid Leach (mining technology)
EPALEmpresa Pública das Águas Livres (Portugal)
EPALEx-Pierceys Adventure League
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Vocational Training Centers (KEE), where two years of professional training for EPAL graduates will be organized.
These include high-pressure acid leaching combined with atmospheric-pressure agitated leaching (PAL + AL) in the case of EPAL at Ravensthorpe, and stand-alone atmospheric-pressure agitated tank leaching (AL) at Weda Bay in Indonesia, along with heap leaching (AL) at Qaldag in Turkey.
12 Social Learning Network," ePals is designed to help students and teachers connect with classrooms around the world.
Part of the answer for them is to say that, if the government uses this EPAL language and if it proves out, we are going to use it, too.
Arvind Krishna, vice president of security products for IBM's Tivoli Software, said EPAL would "amplify" trust between end-users and businesses.
The Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs announced that, for the academic year 2017-2018, recruited 14 teachers branches PE02 and PE03 as a temporary substitute part-time employment relationship under private law fixed-term for the implementation of Alternative Remedial Teaching Program in of the schools of Secondary Vocational Education, in the framework of the implementation of the Act "A New Authority in the EPAL - Support of the EPAL School Units" with the code MIS 5010706, the OP "Development of Human Dyne Education, Lifelong Learning "NSRF 2014-2020.
2% increase in container traffic during the first quarter of 2009 compared with the same period last year, EPAL Chief Executive Officer Abdelhak Bourouai told APS.
The Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs organizes from February 7 to February 10, 2018 (10 am - 8 pm) a student exhibition titled "The EPAL creates" in the multipurpose room at the metro station at Constitution aiming at the emergence of the modern Professional Lyceum and the institutional changes that have been implemented concerning the reformation of its structure, the extension of the access of the pupils of the EPAL to TEIs and Universities, the institutionalization of the "Post- Apprentice Class "for graduates EPAL as well as the implementation of the program "A New Authority for EPAL".
Djazair Port World is a company organized under Algerian law in which each of EPAL and DP World holds a 50% share.
Contract award notice: Delivery of EPAL wooden pallets.
Santiago called Aguirre's act 'intergalactic act of epal.
Le retour de l'importation de vehicules au port d'Alger n'est pas exclu, selon les responsables du secteur qui repondaient a une revendication du syndicat de l'entreprise EPAL qui a deplore que l'espace dedie a cette activite par le passe, pouvant accueillir de 2.