EPEAEnvironmental Protection and Enhancement Act (Canada)
EPEAEuropean Prison Education Association (est. 1991)
EPEAEnvironmental Protection Encouragement Agency (Germany)
EPEAEnvironmental Protection Expenditure Account
EPEAEnhancement and Protection Act (Canada)
EPEAEast Providence Education Association
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Once again, although subject to their own specialized regulatory regimes, the environmental effects of coal mines, oil sands mines, and in situ oil sands are primarily regulated provincially, pursuant to the terms of an EPEA approval.
EPEA aims to become the first to train them to create a new generation of analysts capable of running direct investment funds in the future.
A performance by the Epea Pteroenta group as a tribute to Greek composer Apostolos Kaldaras.
Em 1967, o EPEA e alcado a condicao de fundacao publica federal, ocasiao em que passou a se chamar Instituto de Pesquisas Economicas Aplicadas.
EPEA itself is taking steps forward in using digital techniques.
Nine export processing zones are working under the EPEA among which three in Risalpur, Sialkot and Gujranwala, he underlined.
La invocacion es dirigida a la Musa por el aedo, o cantor de las epea (plural de epos: voz, palabra, discurso), pidiendo su asistencia.
EPEA encourages companies to assess their activities concerning sustainability, recycling, waste management and energy use -- and make improvements throughout.
EPEA aims to promote education in prison according to Council of Europe recommendations.
heroicas e, intrinsecamente ligadas a ellas, dos epea, dos relatos que tienen el poder de inmortalizar el heroismo.
Twisted and twisting ideologies and sociopolitical schemes, rather than elevating the human being, actually turn him or her into a servant of inflexible mental constructs, thus the verse they dictate is impure and overweight--it can't fly high, like Homer's epea pteroenta.