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ELEntry Level
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ELEducational Leadership
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ELEquilibrium Level
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ELEuropean Lotteries
ELElevated Line (elevated subway operated by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority)
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ELExpansion Loop
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ELExploration Lease (mineral exploration)
ELEmergency Limit
ELEngineering Letters
ELEarnings Level
ELElectric Logs (Oil Industry Old Term)
ELEdge Lift (of a contact lens)
ELEntrepreneurial Leave
ELErie Lackawanna Railway Company
ELElectric Start-Long Shaft (boat motors)
ELEddy Loss
ELEnforcement Layer
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That is, until rents are ascending, development plans will naturally be postponed; rents will not ascend until vacancy has dropped below equilibrium level.
Equation (12) states that the political equilibrium level of reform is chosen as the trade-off between political contributions from interest groups and social welfare.
for higher productivity gains compared to our trading partners -- the index indicates that 120 can be accepted as the equilibrium level for 2013.
We continue to believe that fundamentally the rupee is undervalued and has overshot its equilibrium level substantially, but as numerous episodes of past currency crises have amply demonstrated, under a scenario of deep pessimism, currencies can overshoot substantially and remain so for a long time," said the report by Deutsche Bank.
Peter Brierley and Philip Bunn (2005) analyzed the data in aggregate and suggested that the sharp use in gearing between 1999 and 2002 cannot solely be explained by an increase in its long-run equilibrium level, according to a model where that equilibrium is determined by the trade-off between the tax benefits of debt and the risks of financial distress.
To calculate the equilibrium level of quality, I proceed by assuming that a single firm deviates from this symmetric equilibrium to offer quality [Z.
the yuan has been approaching equilibrium level, there is no such thing like the yuan being significantly undervalued.
The Fed-inspired euphoria and the reaction to that euphoria both appear to have run their course now, bringing markets to a near-term equilibrium level where players seek guidance for next direction," said Toru Yamamoto, chief strategist at Daiwa Securities.
The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 also 'alleviated mortgage financing impediments to house prices falling to their long-run equilibrium level by reducing or eliminating foreclosure costs.
I suspect few members of the public understand what Barclays and other banks have been up to, but the scam has been to frustrate the equilibrium level of interest rates by deliberately keeping them too low.
The timing of the move underlines Beijing's belief that the yuan is near its equilibrium level, and that China's economy, although cooling, is sturdy enough to handle important, long-promised, structural reforms, analysts said.
The condition determining the equilibrium level of C is:
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