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EVPExecutive Vice President
EVPElectronic Voice Phenomenon
EVPEGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve Position Sensor
EVPÉquivalent Vingt Pieds (French: Twenty Feet Equivalent)
EVPExtended Voltage Protection
EVPEnhanced Virus Protection
EVPEmergency Vehicle Preemption
EVPEuropäische Volkspartei (Germany)
EVPEmployee Value Proposition
EVPExtended Voltage Protection (circuit protection feature)
EVPEast Valley Partnership (Arizona)
EVPÉvènements en Provence (French: Events in Provence; Provence, France)
EVPEarned Value Professional
EVPEmployee Volunteer Program
EVPEvangelische Volkspartei der Schweiz
EVPEigenvalue Problem
EVPEmbedded Vector Processor
EVPEvangelische Volkspartij (Protestant party; Netherlands)
EVPExecutive Veterinary Program (University of Illinois)
EVPEspace Voyages Professionnels (French: Space Travel Professionals)
EVPEagle Venture Partners (various locations)
EVPEnvironmental Visualization Program (US NOAA)
EVPEpiscleral Venous Pressure
EVPEquilibrium Vapor Pressure (chemistry)
EVPEronnut Vakinaisesta Palveluksesta (Finnish: Retired)
EVPExecutive Video Productions
EVPEnhanced VERDIN Processor
EVPEsophageal Variceal Pressure
EVPElection Verification Project
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A simple mechanical analogy has been developed to demonstrate key principles of liquid evaporation and the temperature dependence of equilibrium vapor pressure.
The exponential temperature dependence of the equilibrium vapor pressure of water is illustrated through a simple mechanical analogy involving bouncing balls on a vibrating plate
In this stage, the coating is firstly placed in a closed environment at the equilibrium vapor pressure so its volatile compounds exit gradually.
TVP is the equilibrium vapor pressure of a mixture when the vapor/liquid ratio (V/L) is zero.
The strength of a desiccant can be measured by its equilibrium vapor pressure (i.
The concentrations of the compounds in the head-space of the tanks was determined based on the equilibrium vapor pressure of each compound, and the volumetric flow rate was determined based on the highest of: