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EQAExternal Quality Assessment
EQAEuropean Quality Award (European Foundation for Quality Management)
EQAEquivalent Average (baseball statistic)
EQAEuropean Quilt Association (est. 1989)
EQAEnvironmental Quality Act (Malaysia)
EQAEuropean Quality Assurance, Ltd. (various locations)
EQAEnvironmental Quality Assessment
EQAEnvironmental Quality Assurance (various organizations)
EQAEmirates Quality Association (United Arab Emirates)
EQAEditorial Quality Audit
EQAEmulated Quick-Allocation
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The equivalent average for VLCCs is just above $35,000 a day.
If we take 2MW as being a reasonable-sized machine, to give the equivalent average power, we need 600 x 4 = 2,400 windmills.
However, the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) does not consider these results to be conclusive because the Renaissance Schools and comparison schools did not have equivalent average student achievement before implementation of the Initiative.
The equivalent average success rates in the UK fell from 88% to 65% over the same period.
We calculated North Hoyle should be able to generate enough energy to meet the equivalent average needs of around 40,000 homes a year (in all these calculations we work on the basis that one home's average energy use is estimated at 4,700 kWh per year.
The proposed rules say that colleges using different measures must ensure that students maintain an equivalent average.
Savings marked with asterisk (*) refer to equivalent average UK high street prices established in an independent survey.
Savings shown refer to the equivalent average UK High Street price established from a price survey.
83 working days to arrive in the other country, a slight improvement on the equivalent average of 5.
Table 1 Percentage Distribution of Calorie Intake for Pakistan 1984-85 Per Adult Calorie Intake Per Capital Equivalent Average Calorie Intake per HH Ind HH Ind Adult Equivalent < 1500 8.
While Fitch believes the district's projected worst case scenario appears unlikely, the district projects a total unreserved general fund balance as low as $651,000 in fiscal 2014 if fiscal 2012 state trigger cuts are implemented and the equivalent average daily attendance reduction rolls through each subsequent year.
Savings shown refer to equivalent average UK High Street price established in an independent survey.
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