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ERBEdgar Rice Burroughs
ERBEducational Records Bureau
ERBEmbedded Ruby (web programming language)
ERBEducational Retirement Board
ERBEarth Radiation Budget
ERBEnlisted Record Brief
ERBEnergy Regulation Board
ERBExecutive Resources Board
ERBEngineering Review Board
ERBEquivalent Rectangular Bandwidth (audiology)
ERBEurobahn (German: Eurorail)
ERBExtended Range Bass
ERBExecutive Review Board
ERBEvangelischer Rundfunkdienst Baden (German Protestant broadcasting service)
ERBEinstein-Rosen Bridge (Lorentzian wormhole)
ERBEmerging Results Brief
ERBEconomic Resources Board
ERBEnhanced Radiation Bomb
ERBEducational Requirements Board
ERBEnhanced Readiness Brigade
ERBEmployee Review Board (various organizations)
ERBEmergency Release Board
ERBEcosystems Research Branch (US EPA)
ERBExchange Rate-Based (finance)
ERBEnlisted Review Board (US DoD)
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Erb points out, "In Europe, a Touareg is a big car.
ERB has worked with Mattersight over the past two years to develop the artificial intelligence and pilot test the concept with schools.
Erb's request for a collaborative show rather than a solo one also fit well with Volmar's reasons for inviting Erb in the first place.
To learn more about the ERB, including eligibility requirements, read NAVADMIN 129/11 on Navy Personnel Command's website at, www.
Erb is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG).
The key, says Erb, is to remember that there is help available: "People with fibromyalgia can help themselves with positive thinking and education," he says, adding that it's important to find an empathetic doctor who understands the disease.
But Erb wasn't about to go quietly, as she and Baker rallied to win the final four games of the second set before dominating the third-set super tiebreaker en route to an 0-6, 6-4, 10-2 victory.
ERB is expected to change its name to Rural Bank Ltd from July 1, 2009.
Erb, whose rapid decline and death from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in July, 2005 stunned the Anglican community.
However, the current financial problems of the Erb group do hot affect business operations of the Volcafe group, which is one of the world's major coffee trading houses.
Erb, Audrey (2003) "A Survey of ASLE Members' Current Teaching Practices: Implications and Questions.
AFTER a disappointing four-wicket defeat against Devon in the ERB Under-15s championship, Wales produced an improved performance in defeating Lancashire by three wickets at Newport.