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ESKOMElectricity Supply Commission
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In partnership with the Department of Energy (DoE), Eskom has connected more than 4.
As soon as Eskom announced its cancellation of the nuclear procurement process, the World Bank declared funding would be available to it.
It is an honour to receive an award of this nature at such a well-respected industry event," said Gabriel Kgabo, Divisional Customer Service Manager, Eskom.
Despite the build programme that Eskom has implemented, funding shortages and construction delays will leave the country exposed to security of supply issues until about 2013.
Eskom fully supports the Department of Energy s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (RE-IPPP) and acknowledges that independent power producers (IPPs) must play in the South African electricity market, and remain committed to facilitating the entry of IPPs to strengthen the system adequacy and meet the growing electricity demand.
Eskom, supplier of 95% of the country's electricity needs, also agreed voluntary cuts with big power consumers to reduce their demand by 10% of normal uptake, but the success or otherwise in corporate savings was not reported by Eskom.
Eskom is one of the world's leading power producers, supplying virtually all of the energy to its home country of South Africa and more than half of the power across the African continent.
Eskom has launched a massive infrastructure investment programme to double the country's electricity sector in the decade to come.
According to Eskom, repayment of the loan would be at "competitive rates" and will finance investments for grid strengthening, refurbishment, reliability improvement, reticulations, split metering and upstream grid reinforcement to cater for renewable energy.
the general insurance division of HBOS plc, and Eskom International.
Eskom Holdings (Eskom) generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural, and residential customers and redistributors.
Eskom s focus is on fast-tracking this capacity build programme in order to lessen the pressure on the power system.