ESSANAYS&A (silent film studios; founded by Gloria Swanson and G.M. 'Bronco Billy' Anderson)
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Chaplin's biographer, David Robinson, has explained that Essanay had extended Chaplin's film by adding extra footage.
Just two of the many releases coming out this year celebrating the life of one of cinema's greatest showmen, these lovingly restored films chronicle a time when Chaplin moved away from the Keystone cops and into a contract with Essanay which allowed him unprecedented control over everything from writing to directing.
Entertainment will be launching two new shows in the new year: Star Dates and The Michael Essanay Show.
1915 "Charlie Chaplin In Essanay Comedies" Stamp Set
Niles's brush with movie fame came when the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company opened in 1913, just as Hollywood was getting started.
In addition to Griffith's Edgar Allen Poe (1909), this group includes The Raven (American Eclair Company, 1912), The Avenging Conscience (Mutual, 1914; also by Griffith), and another film entitled The Raven, this one produced by the Essanay Company of Chicago in 1915.