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EIAEEt in Arcadia Ego
EIAEExercise Induced Arterial Endofibrosis
EIAEExternal Iliac Artery Endofibrosis (leg pain)
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PARADISE: Guercino's Et In Arcadia Ego before and after the celebs
On the three remaining sides are bas-reliefs accompanied by lines from Horace's Odes: a mourning woman leaning against a column surmounted by a vase, Debita Spargens Lacryma Favillam ('scatter the ashes with a deserved tear'); Charon, the ferryman, in his boat, with Mercury Psychopomp, the guide of dead souls, and the deceased bidding farewell to his wife, Linquenda Tellus Et Domus Et Placens Uxor ('Earth, home and a pleasing wife are to be left behind); and finally a reverse copy of Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego (Fig.
The precise meaning of Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego has exercised the minds of several writers on art: Giovanni Pietro Bellori, the painter's friend and first biographer, in 1672; Andre Felibien, his second biographer, in 1685; the Abbe du Bos in 1719, and, most extensively and famously, Erwin Panofsky, in 1936.
It can be taken for granted that visitors to Carshalton in the early 1750s--members of the Yorke and Anson families, their friends and fellow Pelhamites, probably including the Pelhams themselves--were shown Hudson's portrait of Lady Anson as well as her Et in Arcadia Ego drawing.
Nor was it mere coincidence that Poussin's Louvre Et in Arcadia Ego was used again, albeit in a modified form, for the Shepherds' Monument erected not long afterwards by Lady Anson's brother-in-law, Thomas Anson, in his garden at Shugborough.
Yet there is a classical austerity and a feeling of foreboding that makes one think of Poussin's Et in Arcadia ego.
One looks in vain here for the dark side of the idyll, the et in Arcadia ego.
The focus of Marin's discussion is the pastoral landscape of Poussin that centers on a tomb inscribed with the words Et in Arcadia ego.