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ETAACElectronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee
ETAACEconomic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committee (California Air Resources Board)
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The 14-member ETAAC was created by the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, P.
Notably, tax practitioners' resistance and under-utilization of the e-filing technology remain the greatest concern and these two issues still plague the tax agencies that have embraced the e-filing system (Accounting Web, 2002b; ETAAC, 2002).
Included in the ETAAC findings were recommendations aimed at reinforcing tax industry standards for security, privacy, fraud prevention and e-authentication for the tax filing process.
According to Mark Steber, chief tax officer of Jackson Hewitt and ETAAC chairman (2011-2012), "the ETAAC report is one of several published reports, including the recently released IRS Oversight Board Report and the Taxpayer Advocate Mid-Year Report, that communicate insight and guidance regarding the current state and future direction of the tax industry.
By participating on the ETAAC, Ceridian continues its first-hand involvement with IRS considerations and developments in the area of electronic filing.
Steber, a 25-year veteran of the tax industry, has served on the Committee since October 2009 and was elected by the members of the ETAAC to succeed Phillip Poirier as the Committee's Chairman.
In addition to his work with the ETAAC and IRS, Steber also serves as a Jackson Hewitt speaker on community financial literacy outreach and other tax matters.
I hope to be able to assist the IRS and ETAAC in addressing electronic data issues by using the experience IPR has in this area.
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