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ETAGEthical Trading Action Group
ETAGEuropean Technical Approval Guideline (European Organisation for Technical Approvals)
ETAGExtended Task-Action Grammar
ETAGEuropean Travel & Tourism Action Group
ETAGEnglish Teachers' Association of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia)
ETAGEngineering & Technical Assessment Group
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Lucideon also provides accredited tests such as pull through of fixings, flexural strength, hygrothermal resistance, material properties of installation, hard and soft body impact resistance and ETAG 022; these are often prerequisites in standards which require dynamic wind loading tests.
We believe that our eTag technology may open up a completely new approach to the management of serious diseases.
After the eTag binds its target, a special proprietary enzyme cleaves the bound eTag from the target.
The recommendations of the Etag must not be lost with the incorporation of Elwa.
ACLARA's eTag protein-based technology quantifies molecular markers, and ViroLogic makes drug resistance tests for HIV treatment.
The expanded functionality includes European power scheduling enhancements, valuation and load shape enhancements, improvements to trading, balancing, and eTag capabilities, and further system performance improvements with grid computing.
Objective: The eTAG (embedded ThermoAcoustic Generator) includes a novel electricity- generating thermoacoustic engine, embedded inside an existing residential boiler, to form a renewable and economic micro Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) system, without any hot moving parts.
The majority of EWI systems are currently designed and tested to ETAG 004 guidelines; these guidelines do no encompass the performance requirements of park home substrates.
where he oversaw the development and refinement of key technical and commercial business models, as well as the commercial launch of Aclara's new eTag technologies for the life sciences industry.
This was the conclusion drawn five years ago by the broad-based Etag Group representing all strands of opinion in Welsh post-16 education.
ACLARA benefited from increased commercialization of the its eTag assays, and collaborative agreements.
The team at STAR Systems International successfully co-developed and deployed the eTag tolling system currently being used island-wide in Taiwan.