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eTestElectronic Test
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Etest evaluation of the three hyper-penicillinase strains produced penicillin MIC levels of 1mg/L and an ampicillin MIC of 1mg/L for two isolates and a value of 2mg/L for the remaining isolate.
All isolates were screened by using 2 methods: antifungal plate culture and itraconazole Etest (bioMerieux, Marcy l'Etoile, France).
There was no difference in the Etest set up on the isolate after one week exposure to LSMMG when compared to the 1XG Etest.
Methods that typically detect VISA are non-automated MIC methods including reference broth microdilution, agar dilution, and Etest using a 0.
The quantitative accuracy of Etest and MicroScan methods was also very acceptable when compared with published NCCLS QC ranges (Table 4).
We then placed an Etest strip in the center of each plate by using a manual applicator.
5 [micro]g/mL, determined by Etest, was associated with a significantly higher death rate for patients with methicillin-susceptible S.
coli was screened for MBLs with the MBL Etest according to the manufacturer's instructions.
In addition, penicillin and cefotaxime minimal MICs were determined for all isolates by Etest according to the manufacturer's recommendations (AB Biodisk, Solna, Sweden).
Nonsusceptibility to carbapenems was also shown by Etest (bioMerieux, St.
Since 2005, a proportion of isolates exhibiting decreased susceptibility and high-level resistance to ciprofloxacin have been tested for resistance to azithromycin by Etest (AB Biodisk, Solna, Sweden), using drug-sensitive strains of S.
Etest MIC showed susceptibility to doxycycline (MIC 2 [micro]g/mL) and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (TMP/SMX) (MIC 1/19 [micro]g/mL).