EuPCEuropean Plastics Converters
EuPCEuropean Federation of Plastic Films Producers
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Filiep Loosveldt from the EUPC suggests subsidising demand rather than supply.
This circular economy package is the right way forward for the plastics industry to further enhance sustainability in our way of doing business: commented Michael Kundel, EuPC President.
This situation is very serious, risking future customers for raw material producers and raising several antitrust concerns," stated Michael Kundel, president of EuPC.
The amendment, promoted by the EUPC had called for a "modified workable 'safety data sheet--recycling'" to be supplied "only where required or requested".
Speaking on the vote, EuPC Managing Director, Alexandre Dangis, said: "We [the plastics converting industry] are disappointed that the EU institutions were not able to manage this piece of legislation in a better way.
A key background factor, he said, has been the increased number of dubious "Force Majeure" declarations - which EuPC has urged its members to challenge in the courts.
Also, talks are under way with the EUPC (European Plastic Convertors Association), located in Brussels.
5 million programme consists of three British organisations--Smithers Rapra Technology, the British Plastics Federation and Rapra Limited - together with EuPC (Belgium), Proplast (Italy), CASO (Portugal), APINI (Lithuania) and MTU Balti Keskkonnafoorum (Estonia).
Before the meeting, SPE Executive Director Susan Oderwald and I took part in discussions with representatives from the EuPC (European Plastics Converters) Association, which also has its headquarters in Brussels.
Other discussions at the SPE Europe Board meeting centred on the relationships that we should be adopting with other European organisations such as the EuPC (European Plastics Converters) and BPF (British Plastics Federation).
EuPC says that if a use is not supported, a converter will have the choice between developing an own Chemical Safety Report or discontinuing the use of the substance.