EUNICEuropean Union National Institutes for Culture
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The main objective of EUNIC in Lebanon is to improve the coordination between European Cultural centers, start new initiatives, organize joint activities and events, and respond collectively to European open calls for proposals in order to generate additional funding.
The members of the Lebanese cluster of EUNIC are - The British Council, the Goethe-Institut, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Instituto Cervantes, the Danish Cultural Institute, the Institut franA'ais du Liban and the Serbian Embassy as associate member.
During the Romanian presidency, the Romanian Embassy to Beirut and the Romanian Cultural Institute together with the EUNIC partner institutes organized many cultural projects in Lebanon as well as contributed to the development of European projects in the Middle East and North Africa region.
In 2011 more than a 1,000 people turned out over the weekend of 14-15 May to attend the launching event of the EUNIC in Lebanon in Beirut's Sanayeh gardens.
EUNIC is not orientated primarily toward the environment, but "the EU as a world leader on environmental matters felt that it was important to have their launch on the very important issue of the environment," said Wael Hamidan, IndyAct executive director.
Originally agreed upon in January, EUNIC intends to launch a string of other events in the near future, including "European Culture Day," which will promote foreign language training.
With the cluster [launch] we hope to facilitate action and cooperation in the cultural field between Lebanon and the EU; we would also be interested in reflecting European culture in the Lebanese cultural arena," said Romanian cultural attache and EUNIC Lebanon president, Dan Stoenescu.
In December 2006 Bull signed an agreement with Eunics SpA by which they took over the Group's loss-making Italian business activities.
PARIS, December 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bull today announced having signed and executed an agreement with Eunics SpA, the Italian IT service provider and subsidiary of Eutelia SpA, for the sale of 100% of Bull Italia SpA, the Italian subsidiary of Group Bull.
We are pleased to welcome Eunics and Eutelia in the list of our strategic channel partners.
The distribution agreement with Group Bull grants to Eunics an exclusive right to distribute all Bull product lines over the next five years.
The partnership is expected to be positive for current Bull customers, who will benefit from the same products and service levels provided so far to them by Bull, while taking advantage of the wide scope of service offerings and the economies of scale provided by Eunics and Eutelia.