EUR INGEuropean Engineer
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Eur Ing Robert Gillespie of Blackhall, together with Lamb, worked for a number of years to set up a team that would lead the organisation of institution activities in France.
The UK Privy Council has approved the use of Eur Ing as a pre-nominal, in front of the name and before all other ranks and titles, for example Eur Ing J.
by Eur Ing Keith Armstrong, cherry Clough Consultants
A life Fellow of ASME, he was also a registered Professional Engineer of California, a Chartered Engineer in England and an Eur Ing of Europe.
He is a chartered engineer and Fellow with the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and Institute of Mining Engineers, England; South African Institute Mining and Metallurgy EUR ING, European Federation of National Engineering Associations.
The project is overtaken by Materials Expert Eur Ing Dr Panagiotis Frantzis CEng MIMechE and Electrical & Computer Eng Sotirios Villiotis and will be supported by the experienced engineers, technicians and modern equipment of Computer Systems laboratories.
However in the use of titles there is already one available, Eur Ing The problem is getting it recognised
com)-- Cayley Aerospace Inc Chief Executive Officer Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh is the recipient for the prestigious Science Spectrum and Trail Blazer Award to be awarded by Career Communication Group at Black Engineer of the Year Award meet at Philadelphia on February 16, 2012.