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EurIDEuropean Registry of Internet Domain Names
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EURid is a non-profit organization that manages the high-level domain .
With the EURid suspension, the developers realised that is vulnerable to clamp downs so it shifted to the .
EURid told Sophos researchers that it had resolved the issue after being notified about this recent Blackhole attack, Howard said.
Eurid finally awarded the name to VW on the basis of first-come-first-served, which is a bit of a cop out if you ask me.
EURid is yet to announce when the sunrise period is to be launched.
If you have a valuable company name, brand, or trademark in Europe that you want to protect, visit the EURid WHOIS database.
A list of registrars is available to businesses from EURID (European Registry for Internet Domains), the supervising body appointed to allocate the .
EURid, which supplies information on applications to accredited registrars, has administered the domain name process and EU institutions are expected to start using the .
According to the company, Datanet has become one of a limited number of UK registrars recognised by EURid, the not-for-profit organisation selected by the European Commission to administer all .
They filed 40,503 applications within the first 15 minutes of availability - hitting a top speed of 60 requests per second - according to the European Registry of Internet Domain Names, or EURid, the nonprofit organisation in charge of handling requests.