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In June 2004 the French Defence Minister announced (conditional on multinational support) the 'launch' of the Euromale programme, in which Eads was to be prime contractor with Dassault supplying the drone and Thales the operational system.
The 'Eagle Two' Euromale air vehicle was to be based on the 3500-kg IAI Heron TP, which has a 900-kW turboprop engine.
The Eagle I is seen as an interim system, pending the availability of a new Euromale around 2011.
Saab is working with Dassault on trans-European drone projects such as the Neuron Ucav (in which Greece is already a partner and Italy plans to join) and EuroMale, but some national programmes continue, such as the stealthy Filur, which is due to fly in 2005.