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EurojustEuropean Judical Cooperation Unit
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Participants and speakers were Eurojust National Members, Council of Europe officials, representatives of EU and international agencies and networks as well as authorities, engaged in international cooperation in cases involving cybercrime, electronic evidence and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.
Several witnesses have been interviewed," Eurojust said.
It discusses the transnational nature of environmental crime, relevant European Union legislation, the potential added value of Europol and Eurojust in the fight against this crime, and possible legislative and operational developments in the future.
The working session was attended by Eurojust President Michele Coninsx, Legal Department Head Jose Castillo Garcia and the delegation accompanying the prime minister.
Eurojust, the EU agency which co-ordinated the raids, said earlier that suspected leaders and several members of the group were arrested during simultaneous activity in six countries.
Eurojust said: "Its primary objective is to violently overthrow the current Iraqi Kurdish government and replace it with a caliphate governed by Sharia law.
The issue has been repeatedly discussed at forums of Eurojust and the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors.
EuroJust president Michele Coninsx said the report was an "alarm call" about the impact of wildlife crime.
The main purpose of the visit was to expand mutually beneficial cooperation with the Eurojust parties and study their experience in the sphere of holding probes into cross-border and organized crimes.
2005 it was signed in Brussels the Agreement on cooperation between Romania and Eurojust, which entered into force on 18.
The operation is the result of more than a year of joint international efforts at police and judicial level, supported by Eurojust and Europol.
Thuy said the investigation started after a meeting on Monday and Tuesday between Eurojust, the European Union's justice co-ordination body and Tunisian and Egyptian authorities in The Hague, where Eurojust is based.