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EUTELSATEuropean Telecommunications Satellite
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As of 2019, UnicomAirNet will lease the remaining capacity on the High Throughput payload of the EUTELSAT 172B satellite, to enhance IFC services across an area stretching from the West coast of North America to Asia and Australia.
UnicomAirNet (UAN) has signed a multi-year agreement with Eutelsat Asia, an affiliate of Eutelsat Communications (Paris:ETL) (Euronext Paris: ETL), to address the fast-growing in-flight connectivity (IFC) market in the Asia Pacific region, the company said.
The MoU, which was signed on 9 January, by Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of Eutelsat and Xiaochu Wang, Chairman of China Unicom, aims in particular to leverage resources on the EUTELSAT 172B satellite to enhance inflight connectivity services across an area stretching from the West coast of North America to Asia, and down to Australia.
Established in 2004, Noorsat is the premier distributor of Eutelsat capacity in the Middle East, serving blue-chip customers and providing services for over 300 TV channels almost exclusively from Eutelsat's MENA neighbourhoods at 7/8[degrees] West and 25.
It will allow Eutelsat to strengthen the long term commercial development of its market-leading video positions in the Arabic world and increase its direct access to end-customers, facilitating stimulation of High Definition TV take-up and the upselling of incremental video services.
Since launch, EUTELSAT 172B has undergone a series of critical manoeuvres that include positioning of electric propulsion motors attached to robotic arms in preparation for orbit-raising, and the full deployment of solar panels to generate power during this phase.
Following further manoeuvres and in-orbit tests, EUTELSAT 9B will be positioned at 9 degrees East in March to assume broadcasting of over 350 TV channels currently served at this position by EUTELSAT 9A and provide expansion capacity for new services.
Reportedly, the development of the core technologies integrated into the 'Eutelsat Quantum' design will be supported by ESA following the approval by its Council on 2 December 2014 of this new programme within the framework of a Public-Private Partnership with Eutelsat.
Divona has signed a multi-year contract with Eutelsat for a 72 MHz transponder on the EUTELSAT 21B satellite that delivers optimum coverage of the regions where it concentrates its operations, notably Algeria and Southern Europe.
EUTELSAT 16A marks the latest step in its international expansion and comes three months after its launch into all Europe via Eutelsat.
Summary: Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) and NOORSAT Co.
Tooway(TM) is a revolutionary satellite service offering consumers in rural and slowband areas the chance of true broadband access," said Arduino Patacchini, Eutelsat Multimedia Director.