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EONEnhanced Online News
EONEnd Of Number
EONExchange of Notes (foreign relations)
EONEverything or Nothing (computer game)
EONEverything on the Net
EONEdaran Otomobil Nasional
EONExperts and Opportunities Network
EONExperimental Osi Network
EONEasy Object Notation
EONEnhanced Other Network
EONEverything or Nothing
EONExtended Other Network
EONEasy Object Network
EONExtranet Object Network
EONEnhanced Other Networks
EONEvaluation of Ontologies (workshop)
EONEffective Outsource Networks (Singapore)
EONEnterprise Optical Network (fiber network)
EONEngagement Order Number
EONEnergy Observatory Network
EONExperimental OSI (Open System Interconnection) Network
EONElectronic and On-Line Media (Eon Visual Media Ltd., UK)
EONEmployee Ownership Network (SAIC)
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The evaluation of ontologies is an emerging field; however, researchers have identified a number of evaluation methods that have been discussed in numerous publications.
and Fox M Methodology for the Design and Evaluation of Ontologies.
Her current research activities include theoretical ontological foundations, methodologies for building ontologies, ontological reengineering, evaluation of ontologies, uses of ontologies in applications, and knowledge management on the web.
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