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ECAEconomic Commission for Africa (UN)
ECAEurope and Central Asia
ECAEducational and Cultural Affairs
ECAEstatuto da Criança E do Adolescente (Brazilian: Child and Adolescent Statute)
ECAElectrical Contractors Association (Ireland)
ECAEntertainment Consumers Association (Wilton, CT, USA)
ECAExport Credit Agency
ECAEpidemiologic Catchment Area
ECAEnhanced Capital Allowance
ECAEmbodied Conversational Agent
ECAEconomic Commission for Latin America
ECAEuropean Cockpit Association
ECAExternal Carotid Artery
ECAEmission Control Area (international maritime organization)
ECAEuropean Court of Auditors
ECAEmbedded and Communications Alliance (Intel)
ECAEconomic Cooperation Administration
ECAEuropean Circus Association (various locations)
ECAEphedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin
ECAEnterobacterial Common Antigen
ECAEastern and Central Africa
ECAExtra-Curricular Activity
ECAEcological Society of America
ECAEmergency Care Attendant (Texas EMS certification level)
ECAEscola de Comunicação E Arte (School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo, Brazil)
ECAEvent Correlation and Analysis
ECAExternal Certification Authority
ECAElectronic Commerce Association (United Kingdom)
ECAEconomic Cooperation Agreement
ECAEuropean Canoe Association
ECAEmployment Conditions Abroad
ECAEscuela Campo Alegre
ECAElectoral Council of Australia
ECAElectrical Contractor's Association (United Kingdom)
ECAEnforceable Consent Agreement
ECAElectrically Conductive Adhesive
ECAEarth-Crossing Asteroids
ECAEuropean Cocoa Association
ECAEnergy Conversion Agreement
ECAEuropean Chemical Agency
ECAEconomic Community for Africa
ECAEquivalent Clearcut Area (forest industry)
ECAEnvironmental Compliance Assessment
ECAEpiscopal Church in Almaden (San Jose, CA)
ECAEastern Contractors Association
ECAEdgewood Chemical Activity (US Army; Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland)
ECAEdmonton Construction Association
ECAElectronics Control Assembly
ECAElectric Car Association
ECAEmergency Changeover Acknowledgement Signal (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
ECAEarly Comparability Analysis
ECAEngineering Change Analysis
ECAElectronic Components, Assemblies, Equipment and Supplies Association
ECAEarth Central Angle
ECAElectronic Control Amplifier
ECAElectronic Component Assembly
ECAExchange Carrier Association
ECAEuropean Cartoon Animation (animation association; France; est. 2005)
ECAEpilepsy, Childhood Absence
ECAEngineering Criticality Assessment
ECAElliptic Curve Factoring Algorithm (cryptography)
ECAEngine Control Amplifier
ECAESCON Channel Adapter (Cisco)
ECAEngineering Change Authorization
ECAEmergency Controlling Authority
ECAEastern Cashmere Association (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)
ECAEquipment Condition Analysis
ECAEarth Coverage Antenna
ECAEarly Compatibility Analysis
ECAEnregistrements à la Carte pour les Aveugles (French audio recording organization)
ECAElectronic Cutover Advice (number portability in Australia)
ECAEmployment Counsellor's Assistant
ECAEnemy Capability Assessment
ECAEphedra, Caffeine and Acetylsalicylic Acid
ECAEmbroidery Council of America
ECAExponentially Correlated Acceleration
ECAElectrical Component Assembly
ECAEntertainment Coaches of America Inc.
ECAExamination, Certification and Analysis (performed during IQT)
ECAEuropean Communications Area
ECAEarth Coverage Area
ECAElectronic Clutch Actuator
ECAEnvironmentally controlled Air
ECAEvaluative & Corrective Action (US Army)
ECAEnsayos Clinicos Aleatoreos (Spanish)
ECAExploration Consulting Associates, Ltd
ECAExtended Central Area
ECAExpected Cost of Attendance (college)
ECAElectoral Commission Act (various locations)
ECAEssentially Contested America (est. 2006)
ECAEnterprise Communications Application (software)
ECAElectronic Communications Act (South Africa)
ECAEvangel Christian Academy (Louisiana)
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Active rules following this paradigm are denoted event-condition-action (or ECA) rules.
An event-condition-action rule in our language is defined as {T} : C [right arrow] A where:
We have developed a general framework for static analysis of both condition-action (CA) and event-condition-action (ECA) active database rules.
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