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EREmergency Room
EREarned Runs (baseball; pitching)
EREntity Relationship
EREnergy Research
EREmployer (IRB)
EREmergency Response
EROffice of Energy Research
EREstrogen Receptor
ERExtended Range
ERExtended Range (C-17 acquisition program)
EREnterprise Resource Planning
EREarly Release
EREvent Registration
EREastern Region
EREducational Research
EREmployment Relations
EREmployee Relations
EREasy Rider (movie)
ERExternal Relations
EREvaluation Report
EREarly Retirement
EREnvironmental Restoration
ERElectromagnetic Radiation (energy)
EREnvironmental Report
EREntre Rios (Argentina Province, airline code)
EREmission Reduction (environment)
ERElectronic Records
EREquipment Required
EREndoplasmic Reticulum
EREarth Resources
ERExtensive Reading
EREvent Rate
EREnergy Rating
EREleanor Rigby (Beatles song)
EREye Relief (optics)
EREquipment Room
EREscape Route
ERExpense Ratio
EREcosystem Restoration
EREducational Researcher (journal)
EREvidence Rule
EREmployee Retention
EREpic Records (record label)
ERExceptional Release (mission capable aircraft)
EREnfermedad Rara (Spanish: Rare Disease)
ERElectron Reflectometer
EREcological Reserve
ERElectrical Resistivity
ERExcerpts of Record (legal documents)
EREastern Railway
ERExternal Rotation
EREvolutionary Robotics
ERExpenditure Request (various organizations)
EREmotional Rescue (Rolling Stones album)
ERExpense Report
EREvening Reading (Shacknews)
ERElektra Records (record label)
EREmployer's Requirements
EREnergy Resolution
EREnhancement Request
EREngineering Report
EREarnings Record
ERExchange Ratio
ERExplicit Routing
ERExplicit Rate (networking)
EREstablished Record
ERExpanded Response
EREnergy Regulator
EREnterprise Requirements
EREnhanced Radiation
EREngineer Regulation
EREfficiency Review
ERExternal Resistance
EREstablished Reliability (C-17 acquisition program)
EREmployee Request
EREquilibrium Reactions
EREngineering Release
ERElectronic Reconnaissance
EREfficient Review
ERExtracellular Release
EREphemeral Region
ERElectricity Report
EREcho Ranging
EREnantiomeric Ratio (chemistry)
ERElectoral Region (UK)
EREngineering Request
EREstimate of Repair
ERDHL Airways, Inc (IATA airline code)
EREnhancement Report
EREuro Repuestos SA (Guatemala)
EREffective Roughness
EREternal Rage (Call of Duty gaming clan)
ERExecutive Registrar
EREquipment Requisition
ERExtracting Roots
ERElizabetha Regina (Queen Elizabeth)
ERError Recorder
EREnd Transaction and Retrieve
ERElectronic Requirement
ERElite Regions (Ominix gaming)
ERExploitation Requirement
EREnceinte Réacteur (French: Reactor Chamber)
ERElectrolytic/Electrochemical Refining
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I argue in this article, however, that the mere evidence rule holds the key to the regulation of electronic border searches in contemporary Canada.
50) In doing so, the Johnsons relied on Evidence Rule 404(a)(2), which allows evidence of a relevant character trait of a victim of a crime to be admitted after a hearing.
48) The Advisory Committee on Evidence Rules that drafted the 2000 amendments to Rule 702 had no discernable agenda beyond improving the quality of expert testimony admitted in American courts.
A major exception to the parol evidence rule is the fraud exception, which allows admission of extrinsic evidence to challenge whether the agreement is valid or the product of fraud.
The generally accepted statement of the parol evidence rule is that an integrated writing may not be varied or contradicted by evidence of any prior promises or conditions.
as of 2010 there were twenty-three states where courts had adopted the broad evidence rule, eleven states that concluded actual cash value is equivalent to fair market value, four that maintained actual cash value is replacement cost less depreciation, two that found it is replacement cost with no depreciation, and ten where no decisions on the topic were found.
might explain why the Best Evidence Rule issue did not appear in most
Again, the proffering party must still satisfy the business records foundation in order to overcome the best evidence rule.
The strength of the broad evidence rule is its inclusiveness.
12) Further, the Court of Appeals, in dictum, stated Federal Rules of Evidence Rule 612 did not serve as a basis for production.
is, parties prefer courts to use a "hard" parol evidence rule,
Using every standard of value having a bearing on a subject property is known as the application of the broad evidence rule.
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