EVO-DEVOEvolution Developmental Biology
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As the field of evo-devo matured in the context of evolutionary biology, it inspired an analogous field in the context of evolutionary computation: artificial development.
En otras palabras, en evo-devo (al menos en la version de evo-devo que estamos defendiendo), una innovacion evolutiva como puede ser la facultad del lenguaje (f Chomsky, 1968; Bickerton, 1990) no tendria necesariamente que ser el resultado de la seleccion natural, sino que podria aparecer en condiciones de neutralidad como consecuencia de la dinamica inherente a los sistemas de desarrollo implicados en la organizacion estructural y funcional del cerebro y de las propiedades generativas de dicho desarrollo (Muller y Newman, 2005); posteriormente, las novedades de este tipo podran ser sancionadas por la seleccion natural, que actuaria, no obstante, a modo de "boundary condition" (Muller, 2007: 947).
The integration of evo-devo with the synthetic theory seems to be difficult.
Present-day evo-devo erupted out of the discovery of the homeobox and the conservation of the spatio-temporal expression pattern of these developmental genes.
Comparative aspects are described in order to provide a sense of the evolution of structures, and topics range from fundamental terminology, germ layers, and induction to RNAi, evo-devo, stem cell differentiation, and more.
Overall, this inter-disciplinary evo-devo project will unveil ontogenetic and adult gene expression programs underlying shared (ancestral) and lineage-specific morphological and physiological phenotypes.
Evo-devo of child growth; treatise on child growth and human evolution.
James Griesemer addresses studies on the origins of life, sketching the state of the science and, as with Robert's tour of evo-devo, offering interesting suggestions about where philosophers may be able to contribute.
The authors cover the main topics within evo-devo, including evolution, genetics, environment, selection, and the relationship between genotype and phenotype.
Logically Organized and Clearly Written, Evo-Devo of Child Growth:
More recent evo-devo studies suggest that some of these transcription factors are functionally, conserved, at least in eudicot plants.
This approach is a critical step forwards in evo-devo and will provide a coupling of molecular function to concrete measure of fitness associated with the phenotype.