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The Wing will receive the complaints of ex-patriate Pakistanis through post and even e-mail or fax and process the same within 24 hours.
It is the capital of Chiang Mai Province, it is around 435 miles north of Bangkok and boasts a large ex-patriate community.
Either Dubai or Abu Dhabi will host the match and if all goes well, it would be a day to cherish for the huge number of ex-patriate lovers of the sport in the country.
An ex-patriate Welsh mum mounted a one-woman protest over the tackle which put British Lions captain Brian O'Driscoll out of the tour of New Zealand.
Banco Halifax Hispania, the Spanish arm of the Halifax, said 500,000 British citizens own properties in Spain and demand for property within the ex-patriate areas of Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa del Sol is still increasing.
Coundon Road was full with many ex-patriate Welshmen from local collieries roaring their team on.
A British ex-patriate professor of film studies at the University of Western Ontario, Walsh was the first president of the Film Studies Association of Ontario (FSAC/ACEC's precursor) and an enthusiastic contributor to the original Take One, who really knew how to inspire affection for film.
The cultural anthropologist is a paradigmatic figure here, whose situation extends to psychoanalytic social critics like Walter Lippmann, racist demagogues like Lothrop Stoddard, rags-to-riches writers like AnzaYezierska, hard-boiled ex-patriate aesthetes like Ernest Hemingway, and the authors of those so-called "world texts," The Waste Land and Ulysses.
Ironically, like malay in his position, Anthony Bums ended his days as an ex-patriate in Canada, a fate that points to the tension, rather than the resolution, inherent in the tradition of seeing blackness as merely an abstract American figuration.
Having shared many of the author's home front experiences, I found that section of the book very readable (and memory-jogging) and any ex-patriate Brits or Canadians who were in Britain during the early forties would, I am sure, recall much of Ough's material.
BRITISH ex-patriate Ray Rogers travelled back to England from Australia to look up an old friend - and ended up marrying his pal's widow.