ExCETExamination for the Certification of Educators in Texas
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During summer of 2007, I was required to take an EXCET K-12 special education test so that I would be "highly qualified" to co-teach in a fifth grade science classroom.
The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) to identify variables that predict success on the Secondary Professional Development ExCET, and (2) to demonstrate a methodology and statistical models that are cogent tools for identifying variables that predict success on certification tests in general.
A regression analysis was used to identify variables useful in predicting preservice teacher success on the ExCET test, as well as the mathematics-teaching subtest.
During their first semester in the program, secondary candidates are allowed to take their content ExCET one time without taking additional course work in their content field.
Those with no background in health education, who only passed the EXCET exam, and who only held a certification in health education rated their competence significantly lower than those with some coursework or a degree in health education.
To determine the predictive effects of critical thinking, reading ability, and other variables on preservice and emergency permit teachers' performance on the Professional Development part of the ExCET, multiple linear regression techniques were used.
7% of the total incidents: "Preparation and Exposure to ExCET," "Media Attention on Education," "To Be a Role Model to Kids," "'Subject Area," "Volunteering at a School," "Co-workers," "Acquaintances," "Substitute Teaching Experience," "Work in a Private School," and "Teacher's Aid/Bus Driver Experience.
Colleges of education find themselves caught in a deadly crossfire between budget-cutting, regulation-imposing legislators on one hand and a host of public and private rivals offering nearly every alternative path to certification that can be conceived by man, woman or committee--none of which will guarantee a certificate unless the final obstacle (that ExCET test or others like it) is navigated.
Furthermore, the university education program's state accreditation is dependent upon adequate student performance on the ExCET.
We offer a review session for the Professional Development ExCET test, not only to UTA students but to anyone interested.
The EXCET also consists of 100 multiple choice test items which examine each teaching area, e.
Carol Hodges and I examined whether the grade point average (GPA) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score were helpful and predictive of the ExCET score of students as they completed teacher preparation at Lamar.