ExCETExamination for the Certification of Educators in Texas
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The results of the multiple linear regression analyses with ExCET scores as the dependent variable are contained in Table 2.
First, as seen in Table 3, the correlation between performance in prerequisite mathematics courses and performance on subtests of the ExCET exam was statistically significant.
When considering a participant's section on student performance, the only correlation was between previous mathematics courses and the professional development portion of the ExCET test.
Appendix C--Mathematical Domains Front the ExCET Mathematics Subtests ExCET Content Domain Descriptions 020 Higher-order Thinking and Questioning 021 Problem-Solving Strategies 022 Mathematical Communication 023 Mathematics in Various Contexts 024 Number and Numeration Concepts 025 Patterns and Relationships 026 Mathematical Operations 027 Geometry and Spatial Sense 028 Measurement 029 Statistics and Probability 030 Recent Developments and Issues in Mathematics