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EJEnvironmental Justice (EPA)
EJElton John (musician)
EJEject (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
EJEdward Jones (Investing Company; USA, Canada, UK)
EJExpansion Joint (general construction)
EJExajoule (10^18 Joules)
EJEdgerrin James (NFL player)
EJExternal Jugular Vein
EJEmpresa Júnior (Junior Enterprise, Brazil)
EJEddie James (crossword setter for Private Eye Magazine)
EJElectronic Journalism (NBC early 70's term describing Minicams; usually called ENG now)
EJElectric Jet (USAF nickname for the F-16 Fighting Falcon)
EJElectronic Jamming
EJEmerald Jungle (Everquest)
EJEscort Jammer
EJEarvin Johnson Jr. (baskball player)
EJElectronic Jockey
EJExpendable Jammer
EJEconomic Journal
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If the target were the amount of energy needed to provide nine billion people with the per capita consumption that Australians are likely to have risen to by 2050 then, given the anticipated growth rate, the target is 9 billion x circa 200 giga-joules (GJ) x 2, that is, 3,600 exajoules (EJ)--an EJ is equivalent to the energy content of approximately 42 million tonnes of coal.
The report identifies nearly 10 exajoules the equivalent of more than 341 megatonnes of coal of options for sustainable development through renewable energy.
4 exajoules (EJ) of energy (DOE 2011a) compared to 550.