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EXCExcellent Condition
EXCElite Xtreme Combat
EXCEnduro Cross Country (motorcycle racing/riding style)
EXCElectronic Cross Connect (Nortel)
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I fear your excellency has been deceived as to the strength of William Henry, and the resources of its garrison
It is done; as your Excellency may have observed, your horse is in the great gateway, ready saddled for your departure.
On shore in the grottos, or on board in your cloak; besides, if your excellency pleases, we can leave as soon as you like -- we can sail as well by night as by day, and if the wind drops we can use our oars.
replied the captain, "but we must warn your excellency that the island is an infected port.
I have received from his Excellency Governor Lawrence, the King's Commission, which I have in my hand; and by his orders you are convened together to manifest to you, his Majesty's final resolution to the French inhabitants of this his Province of Nova-Scotia; who, for almost half a century, have had more indulgence granted them than any of his subjects in any part of his dominions; what use you have made of it you yourselves best know.
Then it is a good thing, O Excellency Our Governor, that you come and see the crops which have failed, and discover that we have not lied.
I suppose your Excellency understands that in all this I am not looking for reward of any kind.
Your excellency is the lion of which the fable remarks:
I am awaiting orders to join my new regiment, your excellency," replied Boris, betraying neither annoyance at the prince's brusque manner nor a desire to enter into conversation, but speaking so quietly and respectfully that the prince gave him a searching glance.
Du Bruel, we must get ten or a dozen lines about the worthy late director into the papers; his Excellency will glance them over,--he reads the papers.
On hearing himself addressed as your Excellency, the Director of the Marionette Theater sat up very straight in his chair, stroked his long beard, and becoming suddenly kind and compassionate, smiled proudly as he said to Pinocchio:
Your excellency won't be disturbed here," said a particularly pertinacious, white-headed old Tatar with immense hips and coattails gaping widely behind.
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