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ERIEritrea (ISO Country code)
ERIEducation, Research and Innovation
ERIEspace de Rencontres et d'Information (French: Space for Meetings and Information)
ERIEconomic Research Institute (Redmond, WA)
ERIEducation and Research Institute (various organizations)
ERIEarly Reading Intervention (education)
ERIEuropean Research Infrastructures
ERIEcological Restoration Institute (NAU)
ERIEarthquake Research Institute (Japan)
ERIEarly Retirement Incentive (various organizations)
ERIEmergency Response International (Cashmere, WA)
ERIElectronic Recyclers International (Fresno, CA and Gardner, MA)
ERIEnhanced Reference Implementation
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ERIEducation Resources, Inc. (Medfield, MA)
ERIEarthrights International
ERIExplosion Research Institute (Japan)
ERIEducation Resources Information Center.
ERIEquipment Reliability Institute
ERIElective Replacement Indicator (pacemakers)
ERIElectronic Recording of Interrogations (law enforcement software)
ERIEastern Radiologists, Inc. (Greenville, NC)
ERIEleanor Roosevelt Institute
ERIElm Research Institute
ERIExchange Rate Index
ERIEconomic Reciprocity Initiative (NAACP)
ERIExecutive Risk Indemnity (Warren, NJ)
ERIExcès de Risque Individuel (French: Excess of Individual Risk)
ERIEvolutionary Retention Index
ERIEnhanced Roaming Indicator
ERIElectricity Regional Initiative (EU; est. 2006)
ERIErie, PA, USA - Erie International (Airport Code)
ERIEngineer Restructure Initiative
ERIExtended Roaming Indicator (cellular phones)
ERIEpidemiology Resources Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
ERIEmbedded Running Indicator (watches)
ERIEarly Return Index
ERIEmployee Retraining Initiative
ERIEmployee Relations Inventory
ERIEconomic Residual Income
ERIExcess Regulation Index (business ethics)
ERIElsevier Realty Information, Inc
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The question of how to weight an exchange rate index is, at least ideally, about trying to represent the importance of each currency to New Zealand's economy.
45) Commodity price index Exchange rate index Inflation forecast Unemployment rate forecast Industrial production forecast Tape Meeting Board member Previous funds rate Volcker Greenspan Bernanke Threshold 1 -2.
Consequently, we estimate firms' foreign exchange exposure by regressing monthly stock returns on the percentage change in the foreign exchange rate index, the return on the equally weighted CRSP index, and the return on the one-month T-bill less the monthly inflation rate:
We now test the sensitivity of our results when bilateral exchange rates are replaced by a real effective exchange rate index.
The author of this study concerned with choosing the appropriate exchange risk factor with regard to the construction of exchange rate index and which proxy to use for reflecting changes in exchange rate.
Data used as explanatory variables include Ciudad Juarez maquiladora employment, Mexico Industrial Production Index, El Paso non-agricultural employment, United States consumer price index (CPI), and a real exchange rate index for the peso.
where y is the real exchange rate index, x represents a set of explanatory variables, r is remittance flows (as a share of GDP), f represents financial development (bank credit or deposits as a share of GDP), [eta] is an unobserved country-specific effect, [lambda] is a time- specific effect, and [epsilon] is the error term.
In practice, EER is an exchange rate index which shows appreciation (index above 100) or depreciation (index below 100) of the national currency against a basket of trading partners' currencies for a certain period relative to the base period.
According to the Bank for International Settlements, the nominal effective exchange rate index for the RMB increased by 40.
In terms of the effective exchange rate index KIX the Swedish krona has strengthened by a few percentage points during the year (see Diagram 44).
S dollar to 1 euro, and the exchange rate index is set according to December 2003=100, and then using the monthly percent changes to create subsequent index values.
dollar, as measured by a trade-weighted exchange rate index, has an inverse relationship to the falling forest product balance of trade since the mid-1980s.