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EXIExtract Byte Immediate
EXIExchangeable Image File
EXIExpansion Interface
EXIExtension Header Identifier
EXIEnterprise Exchange International (Australia)
EXIEfficient XML (Extensible Markup Language) Interchange (World Wide Web Consortium working group)
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Existing industry standards utilized in the PictSync Interoperability Guidelines include Design rule for Camera File System (DCF)(2); Exchangeable Image File format (Exif)(3); JPEG; TIFF; Media Storage Device (MSD)(4), a specification that defines how a device behaves on a USB bus; MusicPhotoVideo (MPV)(5), a metadata exchange specification developed by the Optical Storage Technology Association; Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)(6), a new protocol designed for portable media devices; Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)(7), defined by the Photo Industry Marketing Association and soon to be released by ISO; and WIA(8), a PTP implementation by Microsoft.
0 is the file browser, an image organization tool to browse image thumbnails; rotate, sort, rank, batch and rename images; and view Exchangeable Image File information from digital cameras.