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E/SEntrada/Salida (Spanish: Input/Output)
E/SEarth Station (satellites)
E/SEquipment Specialist
E/SExtraction Steam
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We thank Karsten Nockler for providing excretory/secretory antigens and DNA of Opisthorchis felineus from Germany.
Excretory/Secretory products of Haemonchus contortus inhibit aminopyrine accumulation by rabbit gastric glands in vitro.
Immune response of Texel sheep to excretory/secretory products of adult Haemonchus contortus.
Joshin (2006) Identification of a 66 kDaHaemonchuscontortus excretory/secretory antigen that inhibits host monocytes.
ELISAs with crude extracts of adult Dirofilaria immitis adult worm antigens (AWA Di) (2), Schistosoma bovis worm antigens (3), Fasciola hepatica excretory/secretory antigens (4), and Trichinella spiralis L1 antigens (5) were used.