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Exa10^18 (one quintillion)
ExaEyecandy Acceleration Architecture
ExaExcellent Architecture
ExaEnterprise X-Architecture (IBM)
ExaExecution Agency
ExaElicited Xenoreactive Antibodie (transplantation rejection proteins)
ExaExchequer and Audit Department (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland; Department of Culture, Arts, and Leisure; UK)
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The Execution Agency returned the above mentioned amount to Bidzina Ivanishvili without any demands, on its will.
Tenders are invited for Execution agency for piping hookup connections of process modification scheme during shutdown at paradip refinery, Paradip, Odisha.
The CDAs role is only confined to that of an execution agency.
The cost of the project mounting to more or less Rs 3 billion would be borne by the federal government as it would be executed under Public Sector Development Programme and the CDAs role is confined to the execution agency.
Partner execution agency - Ministre de lEnseignement Primaire, de lAlphabtisation, de la Promotion des Langues Nationales et de lEducation Civique (MEP/A/PLN/EC)
SIDBI as the Project Execution Agency will extend the guarantee for securing up to 75% of the loan amount up to Rs.
Partner execution agency - Ministe`re de lEducation nationale, de lAlphabetisation et de la Promotion des Langues nationales
Partner execution agency - Provincial Peoples Committee Tuyen Quang Province
Tenders are invited for execution agency for process modification jobs in fob and tps area at iocl haldia refinery.