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EYErnst & Young (accounting firm)
EYElection Year
EYEuroopan Yhteisöt (Finnish: European Communities)
EYEnrollment Year (TRICARE Prime)
EYAuthorized Delivery (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
EYExecution Year
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The time gap between the development of the POM and the actual execution year occasionally results in misaligned resources and requirements, which further complicate readiness generation.
With the R2R and revamped cost estimating processes still in their infancy, the process change as described was expected to require a few programming and budgeting cycles to start showing portfolio-wide measurable results during execution years.
Our two groups coordinate closely, particularly when a task seems to be more appropriate with the other group, for example, a few of the tasks we started with like determining how execution year funds would be applied to fix emergent problems were really more TFCA/Echelon I appropriate so were passed to them and removed from our POA&M.
A small enhancement to the alternative would be to allow a budget wedge to be included each year to take care of unknowns that may pop up during a budget execution year.
22) The more realistic the assumptions are that go into budget development, the easier it will be for both the warfighter and organic depot maintenance and supply managers to use the funds received during the budget execution year.
27) What has actually happened, however, is the customer does not know purchase or repair prices and rates until the funds execution year.
Once the prices are set in the interim year, only inflation factor additives would be allowed in the execution year.
Develop budgets using DMAG and SMAG actual rates from the year prior to budget development year, update rates the year prior to and in execution year based on actuals the years prior, and adjust associated using command O&M accounts to be able to purchase the same amount of goods and services as planned during the initial budget planning year.
Lot 1 no minimum; the maximum amount for an execution year of EUR 150 000 (excluding VAT).
Project Description : South Sudan Common Humanitarian Fund (South Sudan CHF) Management Agent/NGO execution year 2014 round1.
The law provides for the chief credit accountants to draw up and present the forecast of the annual project of the local budget on the next three years, as well as the investment program detailed on objectives and execution years.
Captain Flory completed the Depot Purchased Equipment Maintenance (DPEM) project, an effort to find out why projected deferrals in budget years vary from actuals in execution years.