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ETIMEExecution Time
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The speedup (S) is defined as the ratio of the execution time of the serial implementation over the execution time of the parallel implementation.
It also, said FINRA, reported to TRACE S1 transactions in corporate debt securities with an inaccurate trade execution time; failed to report in a timely manner S1 transactions in TRACE-eligible corporate debt securities; and failed to report the correct execution time on the firm's order memoranda for the S1 transactions, among other reporting failures.
Every single CPU is used to execute these tasks, to improve the throughput rate of the system and reduce the average execution time.
Our work differs from [12] and [13] in that we focus on reducing the rollback time after a task failure, achieving cost savings and reducing the total execution time.
In each of the three edge detection algorithms, a counter for counting the number of basic operations were added inside its code, and another statement for getting the execution time of each algorithm.
By paralelizing the evolutionary algorithms, besides the gain in the execution time area, we can also register some gainings in the number of steps required for touching the desired result.
When the suitable form of both of above mentioned is selected, the time consumption of the execution time can be notably decreased thus the effectiveness of algorithm execution and utilization of computational appliances raise.
Each agency's OPORD consists of a statement describing the situation and mission and an execution time line highlighting all personnel movements, opening and closing ceremonies, and any other noteworthy occurrences during the special event.
The build system includes tools to help determine execution times of allocation operations.
According to the company, softPLC's instruction execution times on a 486-based system are generally 2 to 10 times faster than conventional PLCs.
7 [micro]s instruction execution time and 140 [micro]s base scan time.