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EXDIRExecutive Director (CIA)
EXDIRExercise Director
EXDIRExercise Directive
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Lawrence Nicholson, US exercise director for Balikatan.
Sergei Dronov, the commander of the Eastern Military District's Third Air Force and Air Defense Command, and NORAD's units by Joseph Bonnet III, NORAD's training and exercise director.
The Exercise Management Team comprised the Exercise Director and 13 volunteers and CYCA staff playing various roles.
What we want to do is allow partner nation participation at Emerald Warrior," said exercise director Col.
Ron Henderson, operations manager at the Tyne Tunnel, held the role of Emergency Exercise Director during the two-hour emergency test yesterday.
Jeff Gossett, exercise director, said the uniqueness of the experience made ICEX fly by, but it wasn't without its challenges.
Though it has several different components to it, we are using only one segment of it that will allow us to do one-way, acoustic communications with the submarines," Jeff Gossett, the Arctic Submarine Laboratory's ICEX 2011 exercise director wrote in the blog.
His previous assignment was as the Capstone Exercise Director for the Joint Analyst-Interrogator Collaboration Course.
The exercise director, the TSB commander, is the validating authority.
Exercise director Mark Sedgley, from West Midlands Fire Service, said: "Working in partnership with other agencies is vital, especially when dealing with casualty management and trauma care.
Group Captain V Dedgaonkar is the team leader, while Group Captain K Kale is the Exercise Director for the IAF.
Exercise director Captain Paddy McAlpine said: "We have spoken to landowners, farmers, fishermen, tourist agencies and environmentalists and built into our plans details to limit our impact on our natural surroundings.